Kitty Hayes: concertina, vocals
Yvonne Casey: fiddle
Dympna O'Sullivan: concertina
Angela Connaughton: vocals
Eoin O'Neill: bouzouki

Kitty Hayes is a concertina player from West Clare, and her CD, the latest from that great Clare-based label Clachan, is an absolute gem, perhaps the best they have produced so far. Recorded informally in an Ennis kitchen with great natural acoustics, Mrs. Hayes plays in a simple and direct manner, beautifully complemented at times by the concertina of Dympna O'Sullivan, the fiddle of Yvonne Casey (Ceili Bandits), and the bouzouki of Eoin O'Neill. Highly recommended.

Rating: **** 1/2

Price: $23.99                      Recommended
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