Grainne Hambly: nylon-strung harp

A young harp player from Co. Mayo and a former student of Janet Harbison, Grainne Hambly has just released her second solo CD--the first was "Between the Showers"--and it is as delightful and beautifully played as the first. Grainne can perform the classic harp repertoire, here Carolan's "Henry MacDermott Roe" and "Kitty Magennis" among others, like the best of them. She is also most adept at arranging traditional dance tunes for the harp and at playing them in traditional style. Grainne plays meticulously, but never at the expense of feeling. Her lovely music is nicely complemented by extensive and well researched liner notes and by the gorgeous design of the CD box. A most pleasing aural and visual experience. (2003)

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $16.99
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1. Hornpipes: The Hills of Coore / Paddy Mills'
2. Harp Piece & Reel: Celia Connellan / The Rectory Reel
3. Jigs: Jackson's Night Cap / Martin Hardiman's
4. Air: An Draighneann
5. Carolan Piece: Henry MacDermott Roe, 1st Air
6. Reels: Patsy Touhey's / Maude Miller
7. Air, Jig: An Bhfaca Tu Mo Vailintin? / Clare Island Boat Song
8. Single Jigs: The Wind off the Lake / John McHugh's / The Gallant Tipperary Boys
9. Carolan Piece: Kitty Magennis
10. Reels: Burke's / Up Boyle's Hill
11. Jigs: A Munster Jig / The Ladies' March to the Ballroom / Mairseail Alasdruim
12. Air: Caoineadh Ui Neill
13. Slip Jigs: The Arra Mountains / La na Feise
14. Reels: Sailing Into Walpole's Marsh / The Whistling Postman
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