Carmel Gunning: tinwhistle, flute
Olivia McTernan: flute
Charlie Lennon: piano
Ciaran Mulderrig: guitar
Junior Davey: bodhran

Carmel Gunning, a whistle (and flute) player from Geevagh, South Co. Sligo, is one of the top whistle players in Ireland today, and this new CD (2005), with excellent accompaniments by Charlie Lennon and Junior Davey, is a nice showcase for Carmel's inventive style of playing. The tune list includes many classics of Sligo music, as well as several of Carmel's own compositions. One track features flute player Olivia McTernan, a former student of Carmel (who also taught Dervish's Liam Kelly and June McCormack), accompanied on guitar by Ciaran Mulderrig.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $19.99
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1. Reels: Mrs. McLeod's / Queen Maeve
2. Jigs: John Paul & Leonard / The Geevagh Jig
3. Reels: Fr. O'Grady's Farewell to Baca / New Year's Night
4. Slip Jigs: Hardiman the Fiddler / Fig for a Kiss
5. Air: Lament for Paddy Tunney
6. Reels: The Master's Return / The Mossy Banks
7. Flings: Were You at the Fair / Willie Clancy's Fling
8. Reels: The Glencar / Cregg's Pipes / Killoran's
9. Jigs: Let Us Be Drinking / Noon Day Feast / The Horse that Mada a Hames of his Winkers
10. Reels: The Mayo Lassies / The Star of Munster / The Red Bee
11. Hornpipes: Pretty Maggie Morrissey / Murphy's Hornpipe
12. Reels: The Maid of Mt Kisco / The Foxhunter
13. Reels: Dan Breen's / Martin Wynne's No. 3
14. Reels: Lord Gordon / The Mason's Apron
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