Doolin, Co. Clare, banjo great Kevin Griffin has reunited with his old session mate, fiddle player Roger Burridge, now living in New England, as well as Quentin Cooper (mandolin, guitar, bass), Michael Shorrock (bouzouki), and guests Jimmy Noonan (flute and Marty Ballou (double bass), to produce this excellent CD of traditional dance tunes. Because it was recorded live, almost session-style, the music has that wonderful spirit and immediacy which is usually heard from musicians interacting with each other, rather than coming into a studio one at a time. Many of the tunes are in fact session favorites, with just a few off the beaten path to keep things interesting. The real stuff...

Rating: ***1/2

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1. Dawn
2. Cook in the Kitchen
3. Doon
4. Broadway
5. Pigeon On the Gate
6. Mountain Top
7. Dr. O'Neill's
8. Wilbur Hill Set
9. Floggin' Reel
10. The Echo
11. Pinch of Snuff
12. Sailor On the Rock
13. Captain Pugwash