Michael Gorman: fiddle
Margaret Barry: banjo
Mick Flynn: flute
Willie Clancy: uilleann pipes
Paddy Breen: flageolet
Tommy Maguire: accordion
Tom Gannon, Jimmy Power: fiddle
Martin Gorman: vocals
Gerry Wimsey: tinwhistle
Bertie Henry, Patsy Goulding: piano

A superb 2-CD collection of mostly never before released recordings by the famous Sligo fiddle player who composed "The Mountain Road," and some others--including a rare 78 recording of Tom Gannon, the son of Jamesy Gannon, who taught Gorman, Coleman, and many others around South Sligo. Gorman may not be the most technically spectacular player, but he is the real thing, a link to the old music from the Sligo tradition. Reg Hall's impressive record notes (55-page booklet) are worth the price of the CD.

Rating: ****

Price: $36.99
Our Catalogue 
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1. Reels: Down The Broom / The Pigeon On The Gate
2. Hop Jig: Michael Coleman's
3. Reels: Bonnie Ann
4. The Versavienna 
5. Jig: The Lark In The Morning
6. Jamesy Gannon's Barndances
7. Reels: The Anchonry Lasses / Lady Gardner's Troops
8. Hornpipes: Gorman's / The Boys of Bluehill
9. Song: The Moss o' Ballagh Fair
10. Jamesy Gannon's March
11. The Polka Mazurka
12. Reels: The Laurel Tree / The High Reel
13. Jig: The Frieze Britches
14. Reels: Farrell Gara / Ah, Surely
15. Bardances: Chaffpool Post / Jamesy Gannon's
16. Jamesy Gannon's Waltz
17. Jig: Happy To Meet and Sorry To Part
18. Reels: Ships Are Sailing / The Heather Breeze
19. Untitled March 
20. Jigs: Tell Her I Am / The Merry Old Woman
21. Hornpipe: The Rights Of Man
22. Reel: Put The Cake In The Dresser
23. Untitled Tune In 6/8: !st Part Of The Lancers
24. The Keel Row: 3rd Part Of The Lancers
25. Untitled Polka : 4th Part Of The Lancers
26. Reel: The College Grove
27. Reel: The Maid I Ne'er Forgot
28. Hornpipe: The Kildare Fancy
29. Reels: Miss McLeod's / The Duke Of Leinster

1. Reel: The Star Of Munster 
2. Jig: Gurney's Fancy
3. Set Dance: The Blackbird
4. The Veleta
5. Hornpipe: Chief O'Neill's Favourite
6. Reel: The Mountain Road
7. Reels: The Mountain Road / Bonnie Kate / Jenny's Chickens
8. The Chanter's Song
9. Jig: The Jolly Old Man
10. Reels: Fermoy Lasses / THe Holly Bush
11. Set Dance: The King Of The Fairies
12. Reel: The Burnt Cabbage
13. Song: The Banks Of The Silvery Tide
14. Jigs: The Mug Of Brown Ale / The Black Rogue
15. Reel: McFaddens
16. Jigs: The Strayaway Child / The Lark In The Morning
17. Reel: Within A Mile Of Dublin
18. Air: The Dark Woman Of The Glenn
19. Reels: The Old Bush / The Galty
20. Song: The Turfman From Ardee
21. Reels: Mulhare's / Dinny O'Brien / Farewell To Connacht / Reavey's
22. Reels: The Tempest / Colonel Rodney
23. Reel: The Broken Pledge
24. Reel: The Avonmore
25. Reel: A Rainy Day
26. Jig: Happy To Meet And Sorry To Part
27. Hornpipe: The Harvest Home
28. Reels: The Bunch Of Keys / The Boys Of Ballisadare / The Sligo Miad / Molloy's