Emmett Gill: uilleann pipes

Emmett Gill is a lovely piper based in Galway, and this is his debut CD, released under the auspices of the Dublin Pipers’ Club. Born in London in 1976, Gill started on the pipes with the London Pipers’ Club in 1983, and attended tionols and summer schools in Ireland. After a stint in Belfast, he moved to Galway in 2000 (I met him there in 2002), where he has been playing with other bright talents of the traditional scene like Liz and Yvonne Kane, and Jesse Smith. He performs here unaccompanied on a concert-pitch set as well as a C set. Gill’s great interest for early recordings of Irish music on 78s and cylinders is quite obvious in his choice of material and his emulating settings from master players from the 1920s and 1930s. A promising debut. (2008)

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $27.99
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1. Reels: Gardiner's Daughter / Snow on the Hills
2. Hornpipes: Poll Ha'penny / The Mountain Groves
3. Jigs: Down the Back Lane / Donnybrook Fair / Scully Casey's
4. Air: Mo Ghradh-Sa An Jug Mor Is E Lan
5. Jigs: Mama's Pet / Hinchey's Delight
6. Set Dance: The Garden of Daisies
7. Air: Lord Mayo
8. Reels: Gan Ainm / Port na Gioboige
9. Jigs: Tatter Jack Walsh / Cliffs of Moher
10. Reels: The Bag of Spuds / The Shepherd's Daughter
11. Hornpipes: Buck from the Mountain / Spellan the Fiddler
12. Jigs: Julia Clifford's / Paddy Whack
13. Set Dance: Sean O'Duibhir a' Ghleanna
14. Reels: The Slaney Bog / The Dublin Lads