Patricia Conway Furlong is a New York box player who may be known to some of you for her participation in Mick Moloney's 1985 "Cherish the Ladies" tour and the Shanachie LP which was produced then. Patty first learned from her father Jim Conway, then from Martin Mulvihill, and has won several All-Ireland titles. What makes her playing distinctive is that, rather than the B/C style of the Paddy O'Brien/Joe Burke school, she favors the C#/D instrument and the "press and draw" style associated with Joe Cooley. Patty is a tasteful player and her selection of tunes is full of surprises. She is joined on this debut CD by no less than Benedict Koehler (pipes), Brendan Dolan (flute, piano), Fiona Doherty (fiddle), with Zan McLeod and Myron Bretholz providing the accompaniments. A nice first effort.

Rating: ***1/2

Price: $15.99
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1. Tumbledown / The White Petticoat (Jigs)
2. Brenda Stubbert's / The North Side / Alice's (Reels)
3. Charlie Mulvihill's / Eugene Stratton's (Hornpipes)
4. The Golden Legs / Harry Bradshaw's (Reels)
5. Caherlistrane /Castletown Connors/ Fasten the Leg on Her (Jigs)
6. Blue Eyed Rascal (Set Dance)
7. Micky Quinn's / Humors of Ballingarry / Rakes of Clonmel (Jigs)
8. Man of the House / Kieran Kelly's / Brendan McMahon's (Reels)
9. Killavil / Paddy Fahy's (Jigs)
10. Nell Fee's / I'll Buy Boots for Maggie (Polkas)
11. Munster Grass / Coey's (Hornpipes)
12. Snow Capped Mountain / Mist Covered Mountain (Air/Jig)
13. The House on the Hill / PJ McComiskey's (Reels)