John Feeney: vocals

This is the latest production of Harry Bradshaw, Ireland's specialist of the 78 era. It commemorates the birth 100 years ago of John Feeney (1903-1967), a native of Swinford, Co. Mayo, who emigrated to the US in 1928 and, accompanied early on by Paddy Killoran's orchestra, started his singing career there, to become the leading Irish-American tenor of his time. Bradshaw has put together two CDs worth of material, gathered from commercial recordings, radio broadcasts, tape recordings, etc, and spanning some 30 years. In addition, a 50-page booklet, full of old photos, record labels, and Bradshaw's usual thorough text is inserted in the DVD-like box. While the recorded material is in the "stage-Irish" or "Broadway Irish" vein and may not appeal to the traditional music lover, the documentation is amazing, and the booklet does contain a few rare photos of traditional musicians.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: 2-CD set $36.99
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