Chris Droney: concertina

From Bell Harbour, Co. Clare, Droney is one of the great traditional musicians associated with the Irish concertina. This classic album was first released on the British label Topic/Free Reed in 1975. The CD includes 15 tracks from the original LP plus 6 tracks recorded at that time but not used. A thick booklet provides background information and fascinating reminiscing from the people involved in the original recording project.

Rating: ****

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1. Reels: Bellharbour Reel / Tim Maloney's
2. The Cuckoo Hornpipe
3. Jigs: Three Little Drummers / The Eagle's Nest
4. Reels: Burren No. 1 / Chris Droney's Favourite
5. Polkas: Sliam na Gapall / The Lakes Of Sligo
6. The Blue Gentian Waltz
7. March: Roddy McCorley's
8. Jigs:  The Treble Jig / The Battering Ram
9. Reels: The Union Reel /The Kilfenora Reel
10. Jigs: The Three Part Jig / The Moate Hunt
11. Reels: The Templehouse Reel / Matt Molloy's Reel
12. Hornpipes: The Killy Hornpipe / The Flowing Tide (Ann's Favourite)
13. Polkas: The Sailor's Polka / The Old time (Rakes of Mallow)
14. Slow Air
15. Reels: Down The Broom Reel / Sheehy's Reel
16. Reel: Swinging on a Gate
17. Jigs: Katie's Fancy / Willie Coleman's Jig
18. Waltz: The Blue Gentian
19. Jigs: The Three Little Drummers / Blackthorn Stick
20. Reel: Connemarra Stocking
21. Reel: Jolly Tinker
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