Chris Droney: concertina
George Byrt: piano

From Bell Harbour, Co. Clare, Droney is one of the great traditional musicians associated with the Irish concertina, and here are 18 tracks, recorded in 1995, to show why. Droney's playing is very straightforward, fairly simple technically, but not simplistic, rhythmically perfect, and, most importantly perhaps, always in good taste. Which makes this recording a great source of material. Essential listening. (2000)

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $22.99
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1. Reels: Ann Droney's / The Kilcloon
2. Jigs: Three Little Drummers / Jim Droney's
3. Reels: Coleman's Cross / Over the Moor to Maggie / The Wind That Shakes the Barley
4. Hornpipes: The Stack of Wheat / The Killeigh Hornpipe
5. Jigs: Harry's Loch / The Hairpin Bend / Slattery's Grove
6. Reels: Thady Casey's Fancy / The Bell Harbour Reel
7. Waltz: Gleann na mBeanna
8. Reels: Touch Me If You Dare / The Cul Fadda Reel
9. Polkas: An Staicin Eorna / The Kilrush Polka
10. Reels: Maura Connolly's / The Boys of Ballisodare
11. Reels: The Noon Lasses / Austin Tierney's
12. Jigs: Cos na Lachan / An Seanduine Doite
13. Hornpipes: The Flowing Tide / The Cuckoo
14. Reels: The Happy Man / The Fox on the Prowl
15. Jigs: Trip to the Cottage / Slly's Fancy / The Stolen Purse
16. Waltz: Cruacha Glasa na hEireann
17. Jigs: Vincent Broderick's Selection
18. Reels: The Green Gates / Grandpa Tommy's Ceili Band
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