Paul Dooley: wire-strung harp

Paul Dooley is a wonderful player of the wire-strung harp, the instrument which was in use among the old Irish harpers, but is not commonly heard nowadays. Strung with brass strings instead of nylon, the instrument has a characteristically bright, shimering sound. Like several of his contemporaries, Dooley has developed a virtuosic technique which allows him to play Irish dance tunes with ornaments, as well as the airs and pieces more often associated with the harp.

Rating: ****

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1. March of the King of Laois
2. Reels: Mulhaire's / Rip the Calico / The Glass of Beer
3. Air: Anach Cuain
4. Jigs: Condon's Frolics / Garret Barry's / Eddie Kelly's
5. O'Carolan's Draught / John Doherty's Reel
6. Slow Reel: The Raven's Wing
7. The Sweeper's Tune
8. Air & Harp Piece: Fear an Bhata / Captain O'Kane
9. Reels: The Clumsy Lover / The Otter's Holt / Marie's Wedding
10. Slow Reel: Jackson's
11. Jigs: Inishowen / Pull the Knife and Stick it Again
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