Maeve Donnelly: fiddle
Peadar O'Loughlin: flute
Ronan Browne:  flute, tinwhistle
Geraldine Cotter: piano

If you're a fan of the "pure drop," or "the thing itself," as it is referred to here, that is the most genuine form of traditional music you might find, then look no further. Fresh on the heels of O'Loughlin and Browne's wonderful "Touch Me If You Dare," fiddle player extraordinaire Maeve Donnelly, originally from East Galway and now living in Clare, and East Clare flute player Peadar O'Loughlin have produced yet another gorgeous duet recording, to be added to a growing list of such albums released in that area in the last few years. Like PJ Crotty and James Cullinan's masterful "Happy to Meet" of a couple of years ago, it exemplifies what genuine traditional music is about: substance and subtlety, and the kind of playing which sounds so effortless, yet can be so complex in its nuances. Many of the tunes are well known, but the treatment they are given by musicians of the caliber of Donnelly and O'Loughlin is indeed "the thing itself."

Rating: **** 1/2

Price: $21.99
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1. Reels: Jack Rowe's Reel / Sailing into Walpole's Marsh
2. Hornpipes: Moll ha'penny / Pol Ha'penny
3. Jigs: Jimmy Kennedy's / Henchy's Delight
4. Reels: Dan Breen's / The West Clare Reel / The Sandymount
5. Polkas: Johnny's Gorman's / Leather Away the Wattle-O
6. Reels: Ryan's Rant / Eileen Curran
7. Flings: Dunguaire Castle / Garrai na Saileog
8. Reels: Bobby Casey's / Eddie Moloney's
9. Jigs: Miss Walsh / Eddie Moloney's
10. Reels: Mike Casey's / The Fairhaired Boy / The Dublin Lads
11. Jigs: The Chorus Jig / Cathaoir an Phíobaire
12. Reels: The Templehouse / Kiss the Maid behind the Barrel
13. Reels: The Monasteryeden Fancy / The Ivy Leaf
14. Jigs: Pat Canny's Jig / By Golly
15. Reels: Pride of Rathmore, Ceol na Ceartan