With the combination of talents in their line-up and the experience gained through many years of performing, Dervish probably couldn't make a bad album if they tried, and this new release is at least as enjoyable as their previous "Midsummer's Night," especially where the instrumental work is concerned. The opening set of reels, starting with the great South Leitrim tune "Tinker Hill," is as good as anything the band has recorded in the past. Yet, the musicians are clearly not content to just repeat the past, and are experimenting with textures and styles. The band's sound, with layers of added instruments (including qanoun and sitar!), becomes considerably heavier at times, and Cathy Jordan has been flirting with somewhat more pop-sounding inflections in her singing. This is the band's second album with the new line-up, and an interesting trend is the more noticeable place given to multi-instrumentalist and singer Seamus O'Dowd in the arrangements, with varied degrees of success. His blues-inflected arrangement of the Ewan McColl song "The Lag's Song," although skillfully executed, sounds out of place. Overall, though, there is a lot of good music to be heard here. 

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $16.99
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1. Reels: John Blessing's
2. Jig Songs
3. Jigs: Father Jack
4. Song: Fair-Haired Boy
5. Reels: Siesta Set
6. Song: Soldier Laddie
7. March & Hornpipe: Beauties of Autumn
8. Song: The Lag's Song
9. Song: Boots of Spanish Leather
10. Air: O'Raghailligh's Grave
11. Reel: Swallow's Tail
12. Song: The Cocks are Crowing
13. Jigs: Whelan's