Tola Custy: fiddle
Cyril O'Donoghue: vocals, bouzouki, guitar
Frances Custy: fiddle
Cathy Custy: concertina
Paul O'Donoghue: guitar
James Duddy: bodhran, percussion

The name of Custy is synonymous with Clare fiddle music, and the fiddle playing of Tola Custy is one reason for that. This 1994 release, his first solo album, is a great introduction to Custy's talents, not only as a fiddle player but also as a composer. The tracks featuring the combined efforts of Tola, Frances and Cathy Custy, the latter on fiddle and concertina respectively, are especially lovely. O'Donoghue, another well-known figure of the Ennis traditional music scene, is a powerful accompanist and an able singer.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $22.99
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1. Reels: The Broken Pledge / Jenny's Welcome to Charlie
2. Jigs: Sagart na mBuataisi / The Three Little Drummers
3. Song: Farewell to Fuinery
4. Hornpipes: Sleepless / The Sunshine
5. Old Time: John Browne's / Abe's Retreat
6. Song & Waltz: England's Motorway / Waltz Genevieve
7. March: There is a Fountain
8. Reels: P.J. Hayes'
9. Song: The Bright Side of the Moon
10. Jigs: Ellis Jig / The Flowers of Antrim
11. Reels: Tim Maloney's / John Kelly's / The Tattie Ball
12. Setting Free
13. Song: Four Pence a Day
14. Waltz: The Long Riders / The Parting
15. Reels: Thunder Head / Love at the Endings
16. Reels: Th Clicking Chickens / The Chickens' Clicking