Well-known Clare fiddle player Tola Custy has teamed up with piano-accordionist Mirella Murray to record this gorgeous and eclectic, if not entirely Irish, mostly instrumental album. Murray is yet another name to be added to the growing list of piano-accordion players who have done much with their playing to improve that instrument's place in Irish traditional music. Murray and Custy play beautifully through an impressive array of Irish, French-Canadian, Breton, Swedish, and original tunes, accompanied expertly by the like of Donogh Hennessy (Lunasa, guitar), Pat Marsh (bouzouki), Laoise Kelly (harp), and more. Singer Pauline Scanlon does a lovely job on the traditional "False Knight on the Road" as well as Willie Nelson's "Valentine." While not all Irish traditional music, it is all extremely well played and produced, and makes for a wonderful listening experience.

Rating: ****

Price: $18.99
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