P.J. Crotty: flute
James Cullinan: fiddle
Carol Cullinan: piano
Mick Conneely: bouzouki
John Blake:guitar
Kevin Crawford: bodhran

Co. Clare musicians P.J. Crotty (flute) and James Cullinan (fiddle) have produced a superb album of duet playing, with equally great accompaniment work from Carol Cullinan (piano), Mick Conneely (bouzouki), John Blake (guitar), and Kevin Crawford (bodhran). Not surprisingly, the repertoire is rooted in Clare music, although the occasional Ed Reavy or Vincent Broderick tune shows up as well. Crotty's flute playing is well rounded, very good but without flashiness, and capable of wonderful lyricism, for instance on the air "The Green Linnett." But it's perhaps Cullinan's fiddle playing which is most striking, especially on his solo set of reels where it brings to mind the playing of James Kelly. Also standing out is the unaccompanied duet on two reels, on which Crotty plays Kevin Crawford's Bb flute to marvelous effect.

Rating: *****

Price: $19.99Recommended
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1. Reels: The Pullet / Launching the Boat / Lady McDonald
2. Jigs: Happy to Meet / Dooney Rock / Humours of Ballingarry
3. Barndances: Tara Diamond's / Hayes' Favourite
4. Jigs: Scattery Island / Farewell to Lissycasey
5. Reels: Port Hole in the Kelp / Humours of Quilty
6. Hornpipes: Cronin's Rambles / Fort of Kincora
7. Reels: Harvest Moon / Johnny McGoohan / Dwyer's
8. Reels: Fahey's / Crehan's Kitchen
9. Air: The Green Linnett
10. Reels: Tomeen O'Dea / Midsummer's Night / Shamrock Hill
11. Patrick Kelly's Waltz
12. Hornpipes: The Dapper's Delight / Our Last Night Together
13. Jigs: The Sheep in the Boat / Hurry the Jug
14. Reels: Sporting Nell / Miss Wallace / Lady on the Island