Matt Cranitch: fiddle
Dave Hennessy: melodeon
Eoin O'Riabhaigh: uilleann pipes
Brid Cranitch: piano, harpsichord
Mick Daly: guitar
Colm Murphy: bodhran

One of two companion CDs to Cranitch's "Irish Fiddle Book," this is also a full-fledged commercial release featuring Matt's fiddle playing alongside melodeon and uilleann pipes, with accompaniments on piano, guitar and bodhran.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $21.99                      
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1.Jigs: Tell Her I Am / Munster Buttermilk
2. Hornpipes: Pretty Maggie Morrissey / Higgins' Hornpipe / Walsh's Hornpipe
3. Reel: The Bunch of Keys
4. Slides: Johnny Murphy's Slide / Michael Murphy's Slide
5. Air: Can Bucachaill Caol Dubh
6. Polkas: Mick Duggan's
7. Slip Jig & Reels: The Fox Hunter's Jig / Eileen O'Callaghan's Reel / The Bantry Lasses / The Maid Behind the Bar
8. Jigs: Connie O'Connell's Jig / The Frost is All Over
9. Set Dance: The Blackbird
10. Reels: The Sligo Maid / The Congress
11. Slip Jig: Port an Deorai
12. Air: Henry McDermott Roe
13. Jigs: The Banks of Lough Gowna / Willie Coleman's Jig
14. Polkas: Din Tarrant's
15. Reels: Master Crowley / The Roscommon Reel