James Conway: diatonic and chromatic harmonicas, tinwhistle, jaws harp
Kieran O'Hare: uilleann pipes
Howard Levy: diatonic harmonica
Chris Bain: fiddle
Andrew Bird: fiddle
Gwen Sale: fiddle
Marc McGowan: banjo
Kat Eggleston: hammer dulcimer, guitar
Dennis Cahill: guitar, mandolin
Jim Dewan: bouzouki
James McCandless: guitar
Jackie Moran: bodhran

James Conway is a Chicagoan of Irish descent who grew up on Irish music and Chicago blues. The two come together to an extent on this album where Conway plays traditional music on the whistle as well as the diatonic and chromatic harmonicas. With the help of Kieran O'Hare on uilleann pipes, Dennis Cahill on guitar and mandolin, Howard Levy on harmonica, the late Gwen Sale on fiddle, and a few others, Conway succeeds in making music which is convincingly traditional, blending the harmonica with Irish instruments, and also incorporates a subtle bluesy flavor without overdoing the bending of reeds. All in all, it's well played music which has great energy and soul. The title "Mouth Box," suggested by Gwen Sale, refers to the accordion-like sound which Conway can coax out of the harmonica by playing from both sides of the mouth--listen to his solo on the medley of polkas for instance.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $16.99
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1. Reels: Ash Plant / Black-haired Lass / Wise Maid
2. Jigs: Young Tom Ennis / Brendan Tonra's
3. Hornpipe: Humours of Tullycrine
4. Polkas: Ballydesmond / Memories of Ballymote / Gurteen Cross
5. Marches: Battle of Aughrim / O'Neill's Cavalcade
6. Reels: Earl's Chair / Humours of Ballyconnell / Flowing Bowl
7. Carolan's Concerto
8. Jigs: Humours of Ballyloughlin / Mooncoin
9. Hornpipes: Delahunty's / City of Savannah
10. Polkas: Clog / O'Keeffe's / Denis Murphy's
11. Jigs: Tom Billy's / Tar Road to Sligo
12. Hornpipes: Peacock's Feather / Mikey Callaghan's / Harvest Home
13. Reels: Concertina / In the Tap Room / Imelda Roland's
14. Jigs: Tatter Jack Walsh / Knights of St. Patrick / Cook in the Kitchen
15. Give Me Your Hand
16. Reels: Castle Kelly / Farewell to Ireland
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