Lovely Clare music on this first release by the Bandits--isn't that the best band name ever?--Yvonne Casey (fiddle), Kevin Griffin (banjo), Eoin O'Neill (bouzouki), and Mick Casey (vocals, guitar, bodhran).

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $19.99
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1. Reels for the Mighty Mick Flynn
2. Caherlistrane Jigs
3. St. Olav's Gate
4. Charlie Lennon's No. 4, PJ Hernon's, Cape Breton reel
5. Mick Moloney's
6. A Man You Don't Meet Everyday
7. Bush in Bloom Jigs
8. Paddy Gavin's, Humours of Castlefin
9. The Trip to Jerusalem
10. Bucks of Oranmore Set
11. Lady Montgomery, Cregg's Pipes