James Carty: flute
John P. Carty: flute
John Carty: banjo, flute
Alec Finn: bouzouki, guitar
Francis Gaffney: guitar
John Blake: piano
Joe Kennedy: bodhran

James Carty is an excellent flute player whose skills rival that of his better-known brother, banjo and fiddle player John Carty. Another side of James' music which immediately reminded me of his brother's playing is his seemingly off-the-cuff, completely relaxed, yet extraordinarily creative approach to traditional tunes. Although this is James' very first solo recording, we are definitely listening to a mature player, with a great sense for balancing creative expression with traditional style in a naturally tasteful manner. This is very much flute music, encompassing some of the great titles of the Sligo-Roscommon tradition, along with a few judiciously picked newer tunes, like the Josie McDermott compositions or Jean Duval's "Caucus" reel. On one lovely track of reels, James is joined by his father John P, and his brother John, both on flute as well, demonstrating the strong connection between musical heritage and family ties. Sparse accompaniments, including Joe Kennedy's hand-struck bodhran, enhance the music just so. This will be at the top of the list of "must-haves" for lovers of Irish flute music for years to come. (3/2007)

Rating: ****

Price: $24.99
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1. Hornpipe & Reel: Queen's Hornpipe / Down the Meadow
2. Reels: Boys of the Lough / The Devils of Dublin
3. Jigs: The Streamstown Jig / The Stolen Purse
4. Flings: Kitty's Gone a Clinking Coming from the Fair / Pat Ward's
5. Reels: Trip to Birmingham / Darby's Farewell
6. Single Jig & Reel: Siney Crotty's / Piper's Broken Finger
7. Reels: Sailor's Bonnet / Anderson's
8. Barndance & Reel: John Towey's / Mulvihill's
9. Reels: Major Moran's / Peg McGrath's
10. Jigs: Bill Harte's / Connie the Soldier
11. Reels: The Merry Harriers / The Hut in the Bog / Flowers of Red Hill
12. Jigs: The Road to Rosroe / Tae in the Bog
13. Reels: The Caucus / Peter Flanagan's
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