Liz Carroll: fiddle
John Doyle: guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, vocals
Kenny Malone: percussion
John R. Burr: organ

With this second CD, Chicago fiddle player Liz Carroll and ex-Solas guitarist and singer John Doyle pick up pretty much where they left off on their first one, "In Play," except that they seem intent on trying to double the level of excitement, which is no mean feat. In truth, the title of the new album refers to the fact that Doyle, who sings several songs here,  plays some of the tunes on mandolin or guitar, and contributes some compositions to the set list, is no longer merely an accompanist--if he ever was. Doyle is indeed a fine singer, and in this case the song tracks help bring a little relief from the instrumental onslaught perpetrated by the duo, the intensity of which has few equals in Irish music today. As on the the previous CD, the textures are kept relatively light, with a little bit of added percussion here and there. But the listener might not even notice, as Carroll's highly detailed, lightning-fast fiddle playing and always imaginative melodic writing, coupled with Doyle's percussive and harmonically creative accompaniments, result in a powerful combination that challenges the ear at every turn, while pushing to the limits what two musicians can produce together. Carroll and Doyle are definitely turning it up to "11" on this one, and make it sound like they'll be aiming for "12" next time around (one for the Spinal Tap fans out there). So be ready to strap yourselves in for a wild ride.

Rating: ****

Price: $16.99
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1. Reels: The Chandelier / Anne Lacey’s
2. Jigs: Before the Storm / The Black Rogue
3. Song: A Pound a Week Rise
4. Air & Reels: Lament for Tommy Makem / Within a Hen’s Kick / The Slippery Slope
5. Air: Nearby, Long Ago
6. Reels: Ricky’s White Face / The Boys from Bolinas
7. Song & Air: Down at the Wakehouse / The True Love of My Heart
8. Reels: Paddy Glackin’s Trip to Dingle / On the Lam / The Waves at Dingle / The Top of the Stairs
9. Jigs: John Cahill’s Jig / Tommy Doyle’s
10. Song & Jig: The Hare’s Lament / Pat Mahons’s Jig
11. Reels: Castle Kelly / Galway Rambler
12. Air & Slow Reels: Little Christmas / The Old Course / The Twilight Child
13. Reels: Rushin’ Dressing / The Quitter / Remove the Rug
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