Angelina Carberry: banjo
Martin Quinn: accordion, melodeon
John Blake: guitar, piano
Alan McCartney: guitar

A young banjo player from a noted musical family, Angelina Carberry first attracted notice through the recording entitled "Memories of the Holla" which she made with her father, accordion player Peter Carberry, and the great John Blake on guitar and piano. Now paired up with Martin Quinn, an accordion player from Armagh, and still expertly backed by Blake, Carberry delivers another  wonderful performance, bringing an elegant and lyrical (dare I say "feminine"?) touch to her playing of an instrument more known for its percussive tone, all the while swinging with abandon. Quinn has a rather light touch as well, and does lovely harmonic work with the left hand, so that his playing complements Carberry's perfectly. Quinn also plays the melodeon on a couple of tracks, including his solo, and a banjo-melodeon unaccompanied duet which sounds right out of a Flanagan Brothers 78rpm record. There a quite a few well-known tunes on here (sometimes disguised under other titles, like "The Tap Room" called "Andy McGann's"), and some more seldom heard ones, like the two fabulous Finbar Dwyer reels. Lovely stuff!

Rating: ****

Price: $19.99 Recommended
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1. Reels: McCarthy's / Andy McGann's
2. Hornpipe & Reel: Murphy's / The Fair Haired Girl
3. Jigs: The Tenpenny Piece / The Peeler and the Goat / Sean Bui
4. Hornpipes: The First of May / The Blackbird
5. Reels: The Green Groves of Erin / Burnes
6. Jigs: Connie the Soldier / The Humours of Ballingarry / Maloney's Wife
7. Air: Aililiu na Gamhna
8. Reels: Finbar Dwyer's
9. Reels: Col. McBain / Roll Out the Barrel
10. Jigs: The Rooms of Dooagh / Con Curtin's Big Baloon / Happy to Meet You Sorry to Part
11. Hornpipe & Reels: The Peacock's Feather / Sporting Nellie / The Green Pigeon
12. Barndances: McNamara's / The Carricknagavna Barndance
13. Jigs: Rooney's Favourite / Paddy Fahey's
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