Peter Carberry: accordion
Angelina Carberry: banjo
Peter Carberry: uilleann pipes
Liz Kane: fiddle
John Blake: guitar, piano
Laoise Kelly: harp

A wonderful first recording by Longford-born musician Peter Carberry and his daughter Angelina, with John Blake accompanying on guitar and piano, and contributions by Peter Carberry (Peter's 75 year-old uncle) on uilleann pipes, as well as Liz Kane and Laoise Kelly. Although an accordion- banjo duet album may sound like someone's idea of a bad joke, this is actually one of the best albums in recent years. Peter Carberry plays the B/C box using C#/D fingering, which means that many of the tunes are a step lower than their usual pitch--for those who might think of picking up some new material here. More importantly, it gives the music an unusually rich and resonant sound, contributing with the easy pace of the performances to the distinctive mood of the album. Angelina's banjo playing is impressive without being flashy, complementing her father's music perfectly. Uncle Peter's simple yet effective piping and Liz Kane's lovely fiddle playing enrich the whole further by adding variety to the texture and sound.

Rating: ****

Price: $19.99                     Recommended
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1. Jigs: An Buachaill Dreoite / The King of the Pipers
2. Reels: Patsy Campbell's (Umours of Carrigaholt) / Tie the Bonnet / Mick Finn's
3. Reels: O'Sullivan's / The Moving Bogs
4. Jigs: The Hungry Rock / The Green Fields of Woodford
5. Reels: The Spike Island Lasses / Over the Bride to Betty / The Master's Return
6. Jigs: Hinchie's Delight / The Old Thatch Cabin
7. Hornpipes: Paddy Connelly's Stack of Barley / Nellie your Favour I'm Afraid I'll not Gain
8. Reels: The Starry Lane to Monaghan / Unknown
9. Jigs: Sean Ryan's (The Dancing Eyes) / Eddie Moloney's
10. Reels: The Irish Blackthorn / Sliabh Carberry / The Bunch of Keys
11. Reels: Johnny Henry's / Jack Coughlan's
12. Reels: The Morning Thrush / Jessie's (Clare Reel) / Paddy Fahey's
13. Air & Jig: Amhran an Bha / An Phis Phliuch
14. Reels: Sligo Reel / Jackie Coleman's
15. Jigs: The Pooca / Brendan Mulvihill's (Round the Corner to Jessie)
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