Angelina Carberry: banjo
Martin Quinn: accordion
Peter Carberry: accordion
John Blake: guitar, piano
Laoise Kelly: harp
Martin Gavin: bodhran

A young banjo player from a noted musical family, Angelina Carberry first attracted notice through the recording entitled "Memories of the Holla" which she made with her father, accordion player Peter Carberry, and the great John Blake on guitar and piano. Her second album, a duet with husband Martin Quinn, an accordion player from Armagh, confirmed Carberry's tremendous talents as a player and her wonderful tastes for lesser known tunes. This new CD is a "solo" one, which means that, although her accordion-playing partners from the previous two show up on some tracks, the banjo is the featured instrument here and does appear solo on a majority of the tracks. Yet, the album overall sounds very much like the previous ones: more tasteful, clean, swingy playing, at a pace that lets you savor all the details of this great music, more brooding tunes, like the fantastic Liz Carroll composition named after banjo player Pauline Conneely, and still more expert backing from John Blake. I would be hard pressed to say which of those three CDs I prefer, they are all that good!

Rating: ****

Price: $19.99 Recommended
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1. Jigs: Dermot Grogan's / Hardiman's Fancy
2. Hornpipe & Reel: The Brown Coffin / Paddy Lynn's Delight
3. Jigs: The Girl of the House / The Dawn Chorus / O'Sullivan's March
4. Highland & Reels: The Miller of Drone / Pauline Conneely's / Finbarr Dwyer's
5. Hornpipes: Poll Ha'penny / Sean O'Duibhir an Ghleanna
6. Jigs: Farewell to Gurteen / John Joe Gardiner's
7. Reels: Paddy Kelly's / The Log Cabin / Mayor Harrison's Fedora
8. Hornpipes: Paddy Fahy's / The Buck from the Mountain
9. Reels: Finbarr Dwyer's / The Dog Among the Bushes
10. Jigs: Bold Doherty / Kitty Come Down to Limerick
11. Reels: Bonnie Anne's / Rogha Thomais Ui Dhubhda / Quinn's
12. The Princess Royal (O'Carolan)
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