Packie Byrne: vocals, tinwhistle

A lovely collection of recordings made during 1964-74 of the well-known Donegal singer and whistle player, some of them previously released on Byrne's Topic LP and Veteran cassette. John Moulden writes of Byrne: "He is easily the most complete performer, with the broadest repertory of anyone I know: musician, singer of silly songs, singer of ballads, entertainer, novelty artist, raconteur, creator as well as carrier--a living treasure who wears his talent lightly." Because of his unassuming personality, Byrne may not have gotten quite the reputation he deserves. Here's a chance to hear him at his best.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $23.99
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1. The Creel
2. Lament to the Moon
3. Meet an Irishman
4. Air: Slieve na Mban
5. The Highwayman Outwitted
6. Jig: The Dawn Pack
7. Come, Come Away
8. The Shirt My Father Wore
9. Where is my Norah
10. Reel: An Cualain Coo
11. The Big Ship
12. McCaffery
13. Jig: Forgetting the Lesson
14. The Barnyard
15. The Leather Britches
16. The Drummer Boy of Waterloo
17. The Shores of Lough Erne
18. Reel: Blow the Bellows
19. Cod Liver Oil
20. Air: Un-named
21. The Rich Man's Daughter
22. Rambling Irishman