James Byrne: fiddle
Dermot McLaughlin: fiddle
Dermot Byrne: accordion
Peter Carr: fiddle
Sean Byrne: guitar

Released in 1990, this recording introduces more fully the rugged playing of Donegal fiddler James Byrne, who was heard on a few tracks of the excellent collection "The Brass Fiddle." Playing for the most part solo and unaccompanied on a selection of tunes from his native county, Byrne is joined on a few tracks by guests musicians Dermot McLaughlin, Peter Carr and Dermot Byrne. One of the essential albums for those interested in the Donegal fiddle tradition.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $21.99
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1. Reel: Con McGinley's
2. Slip jig & Double Jigs Paddy Hiúdaí's Jigs
3. Air: An Londubh (The Blackbird)
4. Jig: The Fickle Lad
5. Reel: The Wild Irishman
6. Reel: Muineál a' Bhardail (The Drake's Nest)
7. Waltz: The Road to Glenlough
8. Reel: The Devil's Dream
9. Barndance: McConnell's 
10. Jig: John Byrne's
11. Reel: The Glory Reel
12. Jig: Jig na Mire (The Mad Jig)
13. Highlands: Jimmy Lyons's
14. Jig: Johnny Boyle's
15. Barndances: Mick Carr's
16. Reel: Tripping Upstairs
17. Reel; Seán Parnell's
18. Air: Maidin Fhómhair (One Harvest Morning)
19. Highlands: Mick Carr's Highlands
20. Reel: The Heather Breeze
21. Reel: The Sportin' Belles
22. Highland: Dúlamán na Binne Buidhe (The Seaweed at the Yellow Cliff)
23. Reel: Ríl na Drithleog (The Reel of Sparks)