Joe Burke: accordion
Brian Conway: fiddle
Felix Dolan: piano

The 1966 “Tribute to Michael Coleman,” recorded by Galway accordion player Joe Burke with New Yorkers Andy McGann on fiddle and Felix Dolan on piano, remains one of the landmark albums in the history of recorded Irish music. The passing of McGann in the summer of 2004 sent a shock through the Irish music world. By coincidence, Brian Conway, who is widely held as one of the heirs of the New York Sligo style, was touring in Ireland that summer together with Felix Dolan, and the two ended up playing at a concert where Joe Burke was also appearing, and the idea of another tribute recording, this one to McGann, emerged. There’s undeniably some great playing on this album, particularly on some of the solo tracks, and, as one might expect, the recording quality is vastly improved from that of the 1960s album. To my ear, though, the duets sound somewhat tighter on the earlier recording—probably because Burke and McGann had played together often before sitting down to record. Still, this is an enjoyable collection, and a fitting tribute to one of the great figures of Irish music in the US. A couple of tracks were recorded live in Chicago, including the rousing finale featuring, of course, “The Bucks.” 

Rating: ****

Price: $27.99
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1. Jigs: Molloy's Jig / The Humours of Castlelyons 
2. Reels: Crowley's Reels 
3. Hornpipes: The Cliff Hornpipe / The Sunshine Hornpipe (Joe Burke solo) 
4. Jigs: The House in the Glen / Coleman's Maid on the Green 
5. Reels: The Flogging Reel / The Boys of the Lough (Brian Conway solo) 
6. Air & Hornpipe: Bantry Bay / The Bantry Hornpipe 
7. Reels: Miss Lyon's Fancy / The New-Mown Meadow 
8. Air: The Blackbird (Joe Burke solo)
9. Carolan Piece: Carolan's Draught 
10. Jigs: The Old Grey Goose / Rosewood (Brian Conway solo) 
11. Reels: The Bunch of Currants / The Gossoon that Beat his Father 
12. Slip Jigs: Kitty, Come Down to Limerick / The Kid on the Mountain 
13. Air & Reel: The Coolin / The Fisherman's Island (Brian Conway solo)  
14. Jigs: The Luckpenny / The Pipe on the Hob  
15. Reels: Bonnie Kate / Jenny's Chickens (Joe Burke solo) 
16. Jigs: The Queen of the Fair / The Maid in the Meadow 
17. Reels: The Bucks of Oranmore / Reidy Johnson's / The Bucks of Oranmore
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