Ronan Browne: uilleann pipes, flute
Peter O'Loughlin: flute, fiddle
Maeve Donnelly: fiddle
Geraldine Cotter: piano

A sequel to Browne and O'Loughlin's great "South West Wind," this is perhaps even better. 23 tracks of heavenly "pure drop" traditional music, mostly well-known tunes, but played with great style, at an easy pace, and with that richness of the flat instruments the musicians use--Browne plays pipes pitched in B and a a Bb flute, while O'Loughlin plays B and Bb fiddles as well as an Eb flute. Just gorgeous.

Rating: **** 1/2

Price: $21.99
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1. Reels: The Mountain Lark / The Morning Star
2. Jigs: The Blooming Meadows / The Colliers' Jig
3. Fling & Jig: An Buachaill Dreoite  
4. Reels: The West Wind / The Flogging Reel
5. Slip Jigs: Táim in Arrears / Hardiman the Fiddler
6. Reels: The Curragh Races / The Swallow's Tail
7. Jigs: Down the Back Lane / Fraher's
8. Reels: The Mills are Grinding / The Knocknagow Reel / The Doonagore Reel
9. Hornpipes: Cronin's Hornpipe / The Leitrim Fancy
10. Jigs: The Wandering Minstrel / Árd an Bhothair / Bímís ag Ól
11. Jigs: The Trip to Athlone / Banish Misfortune
12. Reels: The Flax in Bloom / The Dairy Maid
13. Jigs: The Gold Ring
14. Reels: The Humours of Castlefinn / Kitty gone a' Milking
15. Touch Me if You Dare / Lord Gordon's Reel / Sword in Hand
16. Jigs: Jackson's Morning Brush / The Pipe on the Hob  
17. Slip Jigs: Give Us a Drink of Water / The Humours of Derrykissane
18. Set Dance: Seán Ó Duibhir an Ghleanna
19. Jigs: The Lark in the Morning / When the Cock crows It is Day  
20. Reels: Seán Reid's Favourite / The Bank of Ireland / Miss Thornton's
21. Jigs: I buried My wife and danced on top of Her / Tiocfaidh Tú Abhaile Liom  
22. Reels: The Boy in the Gap / Kiss the Maid behind the Barrel
23. Reels: The Old Bush / Rakish Paddy / My Love is in America