Paul Brock: accordion, melodeon
Maeve Donnelly: fiddle
Manus McGuire: fiddle
Christy Dunne: banjo
Carl Hession: piano, keyboards

Great accordion playing on this 1992 release, and a preview to Moving Cloud since Brock is joined on several tracks by Maeve Donnelly and Manus McGuire on fiddles, Christy Dunne on banjo, and Carl Hession on piano.

Rating: ****

Price: $19.99                     Recommended
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   Maeve Donnelly
1. Reels: John Kimmel's / The Flowing Bowl
2. Hornpipes: Thomond Bridge / The Souvenir
3. Jigs: Devine's / The Widow Brady
4. Hornpipes: Down by the Glen / The Lass on the Strand
5. Reels: The Girl who Broke my Heart / Buckley's Fancy
6. Reels: The Hut in the Bog / Rolling in the Ryegrass / The Monasteraden Fancy
7. Set Dance: The Blackbird
8. Jigs: Off to the Hunt / The Humours of Cappa
9. Hornpipes: The Kildare Fancy / The Washington
10. Jigs: Contentment is Wealth
11. Air: Cailin Deas Cruite na mBo
12. Reels: The Maid Who Left the County / The Flax in Bloom
13. Hornpipes: Galway Bay / The Smokey Chimney
14. Reels: Molly Put the Kettle On / Inis Cealtra / The Ballina Lasses / Cregg's Pipes