Cormac Breatnach: tinwhistles
Martin Dunlea: guitar

Although this is perhaps not the CD for lovers of pure-drop traditional music, I must confess being a big fan of Cormac's whistle playing and of his recordings with the group Deiseal, on which, with the help of  Niall O'Callanain and Paul O'Driscoll, he fused traditional music and jazz in a very convincing way. This CD very much follows on the same path, this time in partnership with the excellent guitar player Martin Dunlea. Traditional and original tunes are played in traditional style, with Cormac's amazing variations, and interspersed with jazzy improvisations, the whole flowing together quite well.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $18.99
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1. Reels: Through the Fields / The Man of the House / The Shores of Lough Reagh
2. Jigs: The Cotton Grass Flowers / The Killavil / The Old Flail
3. Christmastime in Ashland
4. The Foggy Dew
5. The Wicklow Way
6. Sue's Hornpipe / Last Train
7. Cufflink / Chuir me Feisteas ar mo Theachsa / Cufflink / Eileen Oge, the Pride of Petravore
8. Air & Slow Reel: Down by the Glenside / The Irish Paddy
9. Music Box
10. Jigs: Morrison's / Port an Tailliuira Small
11. Armada