Harry Bradley: flute, tinwhistle
Paul O'Shaughnessy: fiddle
Emmett Gill: uilleann pipes
Mary Corcoran: piano

While the title of Harry Bradley's latest CD might convey a sense of calm and introspection, the Belfast-born flute player's trademark full-bore tone and pulsing groove are back, and the result is yet another brilliant display of musicianship on tastefully chosen material. Like on previous recordings, Bradley shows his penchant for the music of the "golden age" (the 1920s and 1930s), with tunes sourced from John McKenna and Tom Morrison. On a couple of tracks, he combines flutes and whistles to emulate the sound of a marching band. One almost wishes for a snare drum to come in on "Bruce's March," the ending of which is likely to remind some of a certain track of wren tunes from an early De Danann album. Overall, Bradley opted to keep things simple and natural, often playing unaccompanied. When there is accompaniment, it's a solid but not overbearing piano backing by former Templehouse Ceili Band member Mary Corcoran. Two other respected musicians, former Altan fiddle player Paul O'Shaughnessy and Galway piper Emmett Gill, make guest appearances and join forces with Bradley for two great duet tracks.

All proceeds from the sale of this album go to ROKPA International (http://www.rokpa.org/), a relief organization working primarily in Nepal and Tibet.

Rating: ****

Price: $19.99                     Recommended
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1. Reels: The Green Gowned Lass / O'Mealy's Blackberry Blossom
2. Hornpipe & Clog: The London Clog / The Cuckoo
3. Jigs: The Green Blanket / An Buachaillin Bui
4. Reels: Kitty in the Lane / Ballinasloe Fair
5. Polkas: The Teelin Polkas
6. Jig: Tom Busby's
7. Reels: The Culfadda / Maud Miller
8. Polka & March: McKenna's / Bruce's March
9. Air: The Wounded Hussar
10. Jig & Slip Jig: Repeal of the Union / Bean Paidin
11. Reels: The Boys of the Lough / Sonny Brogan's
12. Jigs: The Visit to Ireland / The Tongs by the Fire
13. Polkas: Tom Morrison's / Charlie O'Neill's
14. Jigs: Wallop the Spot / Tom Billy's Favourite