Michael Rooney, who records with his wife, Sligo flute player June McCormack, as Draiocht, is not just one of the best harp players in Ireland today, but also the composer of marvelous tunes, dance tunes in traditional form, as well as airs, planxties and even minuets, in a style which would make Turlough O'Carolan himself proud. Some of his dance tunes have already been recorded by traditional players like Siobhan Peoples and Murty Ryan ("Time on Our Hands"), and Garry Shannon ("Punctured"), and can also be found on Rooney and McCormack's two CDs. The tunes are fully notated for the harp (left and right hands), and arranged accompaniments, also written for harp, are presented on the opposite page to allow for duet playing.

Paperback, 23 tunes, 61pp.

Rating: ****

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