Corkman Con O'Drisceoil is a skilled accordion player and singer, as well as a great songwriter who has penned hilarious songs written in the style of traditional ones. Several years ago, O'Drisceoil recorded some of them on a CD made with Hammy Hamilton and Seamus Creagh, called "It's No Secret." For those of us who then heard songs like "The Spoons Murder" and "King Lear," life has not been the same since. The latter starts:

You scholars of English, one question I'll ask;
To answer you won't find a difficult task;
Of Shakespeare's great heroes, which one would you pick
To award him first prize for being totally thick?
Othello you know was a gullible dupe,
And Hamlet's delaying landed him in the soup;
But the stupidest asshole in all of Shakespeare
Is that old king of England, the man they call Lear.

This book-and-CD combination provides the background information and complete side-splitting lyrics for these and 10 other songs which O'Drisceoil recorded on the included CD, singing mostly unaccompanied. With approapriately zany illustrations. There's even CD inserts than can be cut out of the last few pages. What a great idea!

Hardback, 82pp., disc.

Rating: ****

Price: $41.99
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Contents of the CD:
1. Bob's Song
2. The Milltown Cockroach
3. The Spoons Murder
4. Ben Hur
5. The Irish Piper
6. King Lear
7. Sink or Swim
8. The Two-Row Cake
9. The Pool Song
10. The Miltown Fourteen
11. The Kerry of Animals
12. A Hymn to St. Finbarr