Sligo flute player extraordinaire June McCormack, of Draiocht fame, has produced an excellent new tutorial for Irish-style flute playing. Although it is quite concise--it does assume a working knowledge of the instrument and does not provide any information on fingering or embouchure--it is also very well designed, with clear explanations on all the essential ornaments, and with 64 tunes in all genres chosen to illustrate the various techniques. The tune transcriptions are precise, and sometimes accompanied by notes on possible variations. All this is made even more accessible thanks to two companion CDs on which the author has recorded all the ornaments discussed in the text as well as all the tunes, first at a slow tempo with the bare essentials, then a little faster with more ornaments and variations.

Paperback, 64 tunes, 56pp.

Rating: ****

Price: $34.99Recommended
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