Beoga are Sean Og Graham and Damien McKee on duelling accordions, Liam Bradley on keyboards, and Eamon Murray on bodhran and percussion. The quartet plays with great skill and joyful abandon on a repertoire which bridges traditional music and other idioms. Want to hear blues played on Irish button box? There are a few traditional tunes on here, as well as quite a few tunes in form of reels or jigs but with a style all of their own, but this is definitely not for those in search of the "pure drop." The musicians obviously must have had great fun recording this, all the while displaying some serious chops, and it is at least as much fun to listen to what they have produced. What a ride!

Rating: ****

Price: $16.99
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1. Prelude Polkas
2. Soggy's
3. Exploding Bow
4. Funk
5. Boxy Set
6. Hello Again
7. Amsterdam Blues
8. The Solid Man
9. B/C Set
10. August 27th
11. A Lovely Madness