An impressive second album from this great group of musician, Brendan Begley (accordion, vocals), Paul McGrattan (flute, whistle), Paul O'Shaughnessy (fiddle), and Noel O'Grady (bouzouki), with new member Gavin Ralston (guitar, keyboards), and guests Colm Murphy (bodhran) and Seamus Begley (vocals). Nice selection of tunes and great instrumental work, often driven by O'Shaughnessy's fiddle, with Begley varying the sound by sometimes playing a one-row melodeon. The sound is a little heavier because of the added guitar accompaniments, but the band retains its trademark high energy. I love Begley's singing, and it's nice to hear it on a vocal rendition of the famous air "An Raibh Tu ag an gCarraigh? [Were You at the Rock?]."

Rating: ****

Price: $20.99                     Recommended
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1. Barndances: Thaelo's / The Blackbird / The Corn Reeks
2. Reels: The Concert Reel / Micho Russell's / The Boy on the Hilltop
3. Song: An Buachaillin Donn
4. Jigs: Paddy in London / King of the Pipers
5. Reels: I'm Waiting for You / Touch Me If You Dare / The Gooseberry Bush
6. Song: An Raibh tu ag an gCarraig
7. Hornpipes: The Chancellor / The Friendly Visit
8. Jig & Reel: The Luradan jig / The Yellow Tinker
9. Polkas: The Gullane Polka / Downey's / Johnny O'Leary's
10. Song: Bainne an Ghabhair Bhain
11. Reels: Graf Spey / Dublin Reel
12. Song: The Parting Glass