The Barefield Ceili Band is a twenty-piece band of excellent young musicians from an area just north of Ennis, Co. Clare, who have learned their craft under the guidance of local fiddle player Denis Liddy (his duet CD with flute player Michael Hynes is also well worth hearing), and have won several All-Ireland titles, the last one in 2002. They have now released their third CD, recorded last April--I had barely reviewed their second one, "Flowers of the Burren," in my last issue. On this new album, the twelve tracks are arranged for the two most popular sets danced in Co. Clare, the Caledonian Set and the Plain Set. The tunes, mostly dancing favorites, are played faultlessly and with great spirit. Lovely dance music.

Rating: ****

Price: $19.99
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Caledonian Set:
1. Reels: Merry Blacksmith / The Limestone Rock
2. Reels: Limerick Lassies / Craig's Pipes
3. Reels: Trip to Durrow / The Cup of Tea
4. Jigs: Grogan's / The Wandering Minstrel / Maid on the Green
5. Reels: Miss Monaghan / The Traveller / The Chicago
6. Hornpipes: The Stack of Wheat / The Derry
Plain Set:
7. Reels: Old Blackthorn / Tom Ward's Downfall
8. Reels: Jackie Coleman's / The Hare's Paw
9. Reels: The Torn Jacket / Tommy Peoples' / The Old Bush
10. Reels: Richard Dwyer's / Milliner's Daughter / John Brennan's / The Golden Keyboard
11. Jigs: Fr. Kelly's / O'Mahoney's
12. Reels: George White's Favourite / The Donegal / The Pigeon on the Gate
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