Sean Potts: tinwhistle
Sean Og Potts: uilleann pipes
Kevin Glackin: fiddle
John Kelly Jr.: fiddle
John McEvoy: fiddle
Mick Hand: flute
Noirin O'Donoghue: harp

For this 1988 release, now made available on CD, ex-Chieftain whistle player Sean Potts was joined by his son, the great piper Sean Og Potts, and other excellent musicians from Dublin who had toured with him to raise money for the pipers' association Na Piobaire Uilleann. The result was gorgeous music with a sound which one would immediately identify with the Chieftains' early releases.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $19.99
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1.  Air: Cailíní an Fhactory (The Factory Girl)
2. Jigs: Delia Keane's / Frehan's / The Mouse in the Cupboard
3. Reels: Paddy's Trip to Scotland / The Wild Irishman
4. Reels: Sarah Hobbs's / Farewell to Éireann
5. Marches:  Hunt the Squirrel / The Drocketty March
6. Air & Reels: On Western Shores
7. Two Kerry Polkas
8. Carolan Piece: Madam Maxwell
9. Reels: East Clare / The Pullet / The Union Reel 
10. Hornpipes: John Egan's / George Rowley's Blackbird
11. Reels: Molly Bán / Quinn's
12. Two Kerry Slides
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