Roger Burridge: fiddle
Dave Paton: concertina
Deirdre Murtha: vocals
Michael Shorrock: bouzouki, guitar

A nice recording of Irish music out of New England. All Hands Around are Roger Burridge (fiddle), Dave Paton (concertina), Michael Shorrock (bouzouki, guitar), and Deirdre Murtha (vocals). Burridge's excellent fiddle playing, which Paton's simpler New-England style concertina complements well, and Murtha's singing are the highlights of this album. Nice tunes, good songs--perhaps too simply arranged at times, but better that than the other way around.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $15.99
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1. Jigs: Have a Drink With Me
2. Song: When I Was a Fair Maid
3. Mazurka & Reels: Gan Ainm / The Chorus Reel / John Allen
4. Song: Rambling Irishman
5. Hornpipes: Ballyoran Hornpipe / The Rockpool
6. Music from Brittany
7. Reels: Trip to Galway / Lovely Hurling
8. Song: The Band of Shearers
9. Jigs: The Drunken Gauger / Kind Stranger / Handsome Young Maiden
10. Song: Gathering Rushes in the Month of May
11. Song: The Maid Who Sold Her Barley
12. Lament
13. Reels: Cottage in the Grove / All Hands Around