Consignment Lot No. 1:
1.  JOSEPHINE BEIRNE & GEORGE SWEETNAM, Decca 12031: My Bonny Irish Lass / A Mother’s Love V+/E- Dig B 4 tix
2.  JOSEPHINE BEIRNE & GEORGE SWEETNAM, Decca 12079: Boys from County Armagh / An Irish Rebel’s Grave V+/E-
3.  MARTIN BEIRNE (uilleann pipes), Vo 84184: Varsouviana / & ORCH.: Walls of Limerick  E- [mb $10]
4.  MARTIN BEIRNE (uilleann pipes), Vo 84185: Lark in the Morning / & ORCH.: Bonnie Mary of Argyle  E edge dam nap [mb $10]
5.  MICHAEL COLEMAN (fiddle), Bb B-4931: Trim the Velvet / SEAN NOLAN ORCH: Bonnie Kate Reel  E+ [mb $20]
6.  MICHAEL COLEMAN (fiddle), Co 33069-F: Jackson’s Reel / & TOM MORRISON (flute): Humors of Bally Connoll  E- [$25]
7.  MICHAEL COLEMAN (fiddle), De 12015 (w/ guitar):  Bonnie Kate /Jigs  E  [classic sides, mb $30]
8.  MICHAEL COLEMAN (fiddle), De 12037 (w/ guitar):  Waltzes /Lord Gordon Reel  E+ but slight heat damage 1” at start [mb $10]
9.  MICHAEL COLEMAN (fiddle), De 12046:  Lucy Campbell / Job of Journeywork  E/E- [mb $25]
10.  MICHAEL COLEMAN & PACKIE DOLAN (fiddles), Vo 84008:  Duke of Leinster & Wife / Royal Stack of Barley  E+ very clean but A: a bit off center  [mb $25]
11.  TOM ENNIS & JAMES MORRISON (uilleann pipes, fiddle), Co A 3679: The Blackbird / Bag of Potatoes – Reels  E/E-
12.  PATRICK FITZPATRICK (uilleann pipes), Co A 2309: Three Drops of Brandy / Donneybrook Fair  E-/V+ 
13.  FRANK FALLON ORCH., Celtic CI-1033 (1950s): Moneymusk / Mayor O’Dwyer’s Polka  E-
14.  PAT FALLON (fiddle), Celtic CI-1034: Ruther Fallon’s Reels / Irishman’s Heart Jigs  E-
15.  FLANAGAN BROTHERS, Co 33243-F: The IRA / Shaskeen Reel  E-/V+ [mb $10]
16.  FLANAGAN BROTHERS, Ge 5205: Gaelic Barn Dance / Holly & Ivy Reels  V/V+ tight hc 1½ “
17.  HUGH GILLESPIE (fiddle, w/ guitar), De 12105: Master Crowley’s Reels / Irish Mazurka  E/E- [mb $30]
18.  HUGH GILLESPIE (fiddle, w/ guitar), De 12192: Paddy Finley’s Fancy Reels / Finnea Lassies Flings  E/E+ [a great copy, mb $40]
19.  HUGH GILLESPIE (fiddle, w/ guitar), De 12225: Pigeon on the Gate Reels / Mountain Stream Hornpipes  E tight hc to label
20.  JOHN GRIFFIN (singing, flute), Co 33206-F: The Old Country Party /Oh Where is Kathleen  E-/V+
21.  JOHN GRIFFIN (singing, flute), Co 33268-F: The Irish Clock Maker /The Pride of Mayo  E/V+ flake B nap
22.  JOHN GRIFFIN (singing, flute), Co 33290-F: My Kerry Colleen / The Old Irish Jig  E/E-
23.  MIKE HANAFIN (fiddle), Bb B-4916: Bandon Jig / & CONNIE HANAFIN (accordion): Bantry Bay Hornpipe  E+ flake B nap [excellent copy mb $30]
24.  MIKE HANAFIN (fiddle), Co 33113-F: Lord Gordon Reel / Killderry Hornpipe  V+/E- edge dam nap [mb $15]
25.  MIKE HANAFIN (fiddle), Co 33162-F: Billy Hanafin’s Reel / DAN SULLIVAN’S SHAMROCK BAND: The Rabbit Catcher Jig  V+ [mb $15]
26.  MIKE HANAFIN (fiddle), Co 33199-F: Bantry Bay Hornpipe / DAN SULLIVAN’S SHAMROCK BAND: My Love is in America  E/V+ edge dam B 6 grooves
27.  RICHARD HAYWARD (singing), De 12070: Girls of Coleraine/Inniskilling Dragoon  EE- sol A
28.  EDWARD HERBORN & JAMES WHEELER (accordion, banjo), Co A 2217: Stack of Barley/Rocky Roads to Dublin  V+ 1 dig B 4 tix
29.  PADDY KILLORAN (fiddle w/ guitar), De 12077: Sligo Maid & Malloy’s Fav/Geese in the Bog  E- sol A [mb $25]
30.  PADDY KILLORAN (fiddle w/ p), De 12095: Maid of Mt Kisco/Leitrim Jig  E [mb $30]
31.  PADDY KILLORAN (fiddle w/ p), De 12103: Memories of Ballymote Polkas/Paddy on the Turnpike Reels EE- sol A [mb $30]
32.  PADDY KILLORAN (fiddle w/ p), De 12138: Drowsy Maggie Reels/ Maguire’s Fiddle Hornpipes  EE- sol A [mb $30]
33.  PADDY KILLORAN (fiddle w/ p), De 12158: Dwyer’s Fav Reels/If There wasn’t any Woman Barndances  E [mb $30]
34.  PADDY KILLORAN & PADDY SWEENEY (fiddle duet w/ p), De 12131: Humors of Lisadell/Decca Polka  E-- [mb $25]
35.  PADDY KILLORAN’S PRIDE OF ERIN ORCH, De 12004: Sweeps & Heirloom Hornpipes/Jerry Donovan’s Fav Jig  EE-  [mb $10]
36.  JOHN KIMMEL (accordion), Co A 1917: Mason’s Apron Reels/Connaughtman’s Rambles Jigs E-/V+
37.  FRANK LEE’S TARA CEILI BAND, Rex 15006: Liverpool Hornpipe/Draught of Ale Jigs  E
38.  FRANK LEE’S TARA CB, Rex 15010: Showman’s Fancy Hornpipe/Ivy Leaf Reels  E-/E
39.  FRANK LEE’S TARA CB, Rex 15040: Flogging Reel/Blackbird Set Dance  EE+
40.  WILLIAM McELLIGOTT (accordion), Vo 84059: Dublin & Concert Hornpipes/MARTIN BEIRNE’S IRISH BLACKBIRDS: Merry Harriers Reels  EE-  [mb $25]
41.  JOHN McGETTIGAN (singing, fiddle), Bb B-4996: Martha the Flower of Sweet Strabane/Hornpipes  EE+ sol A
42.  MRS. & MISS McNIFF-LOCKE (accordion, banjo), Bb B-4922: Frost is All Over Jig/Terry’s Ramble Reel  E [rare mb $30]
43.  McNULTY FAMILY (singing, instrumental), De 12099: Ireland Boys Hurrah/the Rollicking Skipper Jigs  EE+ sol A
44.  EDWARD MEEHAN, JOHN McKENNA & LARRY REDICAN (ROSALEEN QUARTET) (2 flutes & fiddle), De 12120: Newport Lass Jigs/Maid Behind the Bar Reel  E- 1 bad spot B tix, sol B  [great record, mb $20]
45.  EDWARD MEEHAN’S ROSALEEN ORCH. (accordion, fiddle, whistle) , Vo 84167: Honeymoon Hornpipes/Scotsman Over the Border Jigs  EE- needs wash  [another great one, mb $30]
46.  JAMES MORRISON (fiddle) & HIS ORCH., Co 33427-F: Farmer’s Daughter& Little Brown Jug (w/ singing)/Money Musk  E flake A nap  [rare depression-era rec, mb $50]
47.  JAMES MORRISON (fiddle solo w/ bj, p), Vo 84133: Noon Day Feast Jigs/Fisherman’s Lilt Reels  EE-  [mb $40]
48.  TOM MORRISON (solo flute w/ tamb), Co 33501-F:  Dunmore Lassies Reels/Sweet Flowers of Milltown Schottisches  EE-
49.  O’LEARY’S IRISH MINSTRELS, Co 33122-F:  New Stack of Barley/Liverpool Hornpipe  E/V+
50.  O’LEARY’S IRISH MINSTRELS, Ok 21042 (green “electric”):  Rakes of Kildare Jigs/Jackson’s Morning Brush Jig  EE+ [great trombone…]
51.  O’LEARY’S IRISH MINSTRELS, Vo 84154:  Devil’s Dream Reel/Red Haired Boy Hornpipe  EE- [later session w/ Jerry O’Brien, accordion)
52.  SEAN O’NOLAN (singing/spoken), Co 33152-F:  Maid of Kensale/Dawn on the Irish Coast  VV+
53.  JERRY & MAY PICKING’S ORCH., Irish 3014 (postwar): Rakes of Mallow Polkas/Kilrooskey Post Office Reels  E-
54.  FRANK QUINN (accordion), Co A 3567: Trip It Up the Stairs/Heathery Breeze  E-/V+
55.  FRANK QUINN (fiddle, singing), Co 33004-F:  Leg of the Duck Jig/A Morning in July  E-/V+
56.  FRANK QUINN (fiddle, accordion, singing), Co 33063-F:  The Peeler and the Goat/The Old Tea Kettle Reel   E-/V+
57.  FRANK QUINN (accordion, fiddle, singing), OBDW 1004:  The Four Courts/Green Grow the Rushes O  V+ hc to the label  [cracked record, but nice “Sinn Fein Music House” label]
58.  BILLY RUSH (accordion), Irish 3004: Kerry Polka/Swallow’s Tail Reels  V+
59.  JOHN SHERIDAN (flute, singing), Bb B-4915: My Auld Skillara Hat/COLIN O’MORE (tenor): Danny Boy  E--  sol A
60.  DAN SULLIVAN’S SHAMROCK BAND, Co 33105-F: Rickett’s Hornpipe/Londonderry Hornpipe EE-  [mb $15]
61.  DAN SULLIVAN’S SHAMROCK BAND, Co 33190-F: Green Groves of Erin/MICHAEL HANAFIN (fiddle): Jockey Thro the Fair  V+
… and a small group of Scottish records:
62.  CALEDONIA BAND, Co 37022-F: Caledonian’s Farewell/Miss Drummond of Perth & Mason’s Apron  VV+
63.  DONALD CUMMING & EDDY HOLMES (accordion & dulcimer), De 14002: Auld Reekie Schottische/Flowers of Edinburgh  V+/E-
64.  DONALD CUMMING & EDDY HOLMES (accordion & dulcimer), De 14021: High Road to Linton/My Nut Brown Maiden  E scratch A few tix
65.  LOVAT BAGPIPE BAND OF N.Y., Vi 17920: Scotch Bagpipe Medley No. 1/No. 2  E-

Consignment Lot No. 2:
66.  JAMES CLAFFY (fiddle), Co 33212-F:  Bonnie Kate Reel/Paddy Whack, Boys of Wexford Jigs  V+
67.  P. J. CONLON (accordion), Co 33033-F: Wind That Shakes the Barley/Humors of the Whiskey Jig  E-
68.  P. J. CONLON (accordion), OK 4322: Hennessey’s Hornpipe/Happy to MeetJig  V+
69.  FLANAGAN BROTHERS, Co 33230-F:  Ireland’s 32/Flanagans at Patrick’s Parade  E-
70.  FLANAGAN BROTHERS, Co 33279-F: Bum Song/Hallelujah, I’m a Bum  E-
71.  FLANAGAN BROTHERS, Vo 14638: Cavan Reel/Rakes of Clonmel Jig  E
72.  THE FOUR PROVINCES, Vo 14931:  First of May-Hornpipes/Katie Connor E-
73.  JOHN GRIFFIN(singing, flute), Co 33290-F:  Old Irish Jig/My Kerry Colleen  E+ creases
74.  JOHN GRIFFIN(flute), Gnt 5526:  Gap of Dunlow-The Three Lakes Jigs/Girl I Left Behind Me Reels  E
75.  JOHN GRIFFIN(flute), Vi 79015:  Why She Couldn’t Drink Her Tea Reel/Kitty’s Favorite Polka   E-
76.  McCONNELL 4 LEAF SHAMROCKS, Vi 19446:  Old Torn Petticoat-Reels/Dublin Jig Medley  E
77.  JOHN McCORMICK (fiddle), Gnt 5746: Buncrana Reel/FOUR PROVINCES: Ten Penny Bit Jigs  V
78.  JOHN McCORMICK (fiddle), Vo 14943:  Reidy Johnson Reels/ FOUR PROVINCES: Kitty’s Wedding Reels   V+
79.  JOHN McGETTIGAN, Vi 21380:  Mary Malone/Fitzmaurice, the Dublin Flyer  EE-
80.  JOHN McGETTIGAN, Vi V-29019:  Boys from the County Mayo/Rare Ould Irish Whiskey  E
81.  McNAMARA TRIO (piccolo, w/ vln, p), Co 33001-F:  Bridge of Athlone-Polkas/Kerrigan’s Jig  E
82.  McNAMARA TRIO (piccolo, w/ vln, p), Vo 14730:  The Blackbird-Hornpipe/Jockey At the Fair Jig  E
83.  McNULTY FAMILY, De 12107 (blk lbl):  Song of the 32 Counties/Mother’s Lament   E
84.  TOM MORRISON (solo flute w/ tambourine, p), Co 33260-F:  Indian on the Rock Reels/Maggie in the Woods Polkas  E- lam cks
85.  TOM MORRISON (solo flute w/ tamb), Co 33210-F:  Dunmore Lassies Reels/Sweet Flowers of Milltown Schottisches  VV+
86.  TOM MORRISON (flute), New Republic 2332:  Indian on the Rock Reels/Maggie in the Woods Polkas  V+ [rare label!]
87.  JAMES MURPHY (accordion), Co E4792:  Maid Behind the Bar Reel/Maid Await Lone (sic) Jig  E-
88.  O’LEARY’S IRISH MINSTRELS, Co 33410-F:  Devil’s Dream Reel/Red Haired Boy Hornpipe  E-
89.  SEAN O’NOLAN (uilleann pipes solos), Co 33081-F:  Cuckoo’s Nest Reels/Believe Me (Airs)   V-
90.  FRANK QUINN (fiddle), Co 33003-F:  Enniskillen Dragoon/The Home Brew Hornpipe  E/V
91.  FRANK QUINN (fiddle, accordion), Co 33128-F:  Rocks of Bawn/(song) Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed V+/G
92.  FRANK QUINN (songs), Co 33138-F:  McSorley’s Twins/Goodbye Mike, Goodbye Pat  E-
93.  FRANK QUINN (comedy), Co 33449-F:  Tony & the Cop/The Court Scene  EE-
94.  FRANK QUINN (accordion), Gnt 5074:  Connaughtman’s Rambles Jig/Varsouvianna  E-
95.  FRANK QUINN (accordion/fiddle), Gnt 5396:  The Four Courts-Reel/Green Grows the Rushes  V
96.  FRANK QUINN (fiddle), Gnt 5667:  St Patrick’s Day/(song) Doran’s Ass  V
97.  DAN SULLIVAN (piano solos), Co 33090-F:  Irish on Parade/Wearing of the Green   E
98.  DAN SULLIVAN’S SHAMROCK BAND, Co 33093-F:  Morning Star Reels/Jackson’s Fancy Jigs  V+
99.  DAN SULLIVAN’S SHAMROCK BAND, Co 33106-F:  Tenpenny Bit Reels/Top O’ Cork Road Reels  V+
100.  DAN SULLIVAN’S SHAMROCK BAND, Vi V-29029:  From Galway to Dublin/Listen To the Mocking Bird  E-
101.  DAN SULLIVAN’S SHAMROCK BAND, Vi V-29038:  Johnny & His Fiddle-O/Johnny, Will You Marry Me  V+

Consignment Lot No. 3:
102.  MARTIN BEIRNE ORCH, Regal Zon IZ 657: Kilkenny for Me Marches/Boys from Co Cork Barn Dances  E+
103.  SAM CARSON (singing), Regal Zon IZ 193: Mush-mush/The Hat my Father Wore  E+
104.  PETER CONLON (accordion), Co E 3896: The Wind that Shakes the Barley/The Humors of the Whiskey  E
105.  GERARD CROFTS (singing), Regal Zon IZ 837: Kelly of Kilann/ Who Fears to Speak of 98?  E+/E
106.  J.C. DOYLE (singing), Regal Zon IZ 571: The Men of the West/ The Soldier’s Song  E
107.  FALLON BROS (fiddle, flute), Celtic CI-1015: Maid on the Green Jigs/CHARLES SLAVIN (tenor): Kevin Barry  V-
108.  FLANAGAN BROTHERS, Co 33180-F: Flanagan’s Naturalization Troubles/Kilgannon’s Dream  V/V+
109.  FLANAGAN BROTHERS, Co 33243-F: The IRA/ Shaskeen Reel  V-
110.  FLANAGAN BROTHERS, Co 33249-F: Banty Legged Mule/ Sarsfield Lilt Jig  V/V+ scr A
111.  FLANAGAN BROTHERS, Co 33345-F: Delaney's Donkey/Highland Fling Medley  V+
112.  FLANAGAN BROTHERS, Regal Zon IZ 143: Cod Liver Oil/The Auld Blackthorn Reel  E+
113.  FOUR PROVINCES ORCH, Co 33432-F: Highland Bonnets Fling/JIM MULLAN (singing): Hippity Hop  V-
114.  RICHARD HAYWARD & DELIA MURPHY (singing), HMV IM 618: The Humour is on Me Now/Whiskey in my Tea  E+
115.  SEAN HEALY (singing), HMV IM 606: Eileen Oge/The Kerry Recruit  E+
116. EDWARD HERBORN & JAMES WHEELER (accordion, banjo), Co 33052-F: Rocky Road to Dublin/Stack of Barley  V-bumpy start                
117.  ROBERT IRWIN (singing), HMV IM 469: Little Mary Cassidy/She is Far from the Land  E+
118.  PADDY KILLORAN’S PRIDE OF ERIN ORCH, De 12004: Sweeps & Heirloom Hornpipes/Jerry Donovan’s Fav Jig  V- lbl tear B
119. JOHN KIMMEL (accordion), Edison 50653: Haste to the Wedding Jigs/JOSEPH SAMUELS (violin): Devil’s Dream  V
120. TERRY LANE (accordion), HMV IM 963: Three Counties Waltz/Silver Bell Polka  E+
121.  PADDY McMANUS (singing), HMV IM 1126: The Croppy Boy/The Land of the Shillelagh  E+
122.  WILLIAM MULLALY (concertina), HMV IM 383: Green Groves of Erin Reels/SEAN NOLAN (fiddle): Medley of Reels  E+ [rare concertina side, mb $40]
123.  DELIA MURPHY (singing), HMV IM 775: The Peeler & the Goat/Reilly the Fisherman  E+
124.  DELIA MURPHY (singing), HMV IM 818: The Cailin Ruadh/The Shepherd’s Lamb  E+
125.  JAMES O’FLYNN, Imperial 1039: Irish Washerwoman Jigs/Stack of Barley  E-
126.  O’LEARY’S IRISH MINSTRELS, Co 33122-F:  New Stack of Barley/Liverpool Hornpipe  V-
127.  O’LEARY’S IRISH MINSTRELS, Regal Zon IZ 176: Paddy in London Jig/Rakes of Mallow Polka  E+
128.  SEAN O’NOLAN (singing), Regal Zon IZ 121: Dan McCann/Boys of the County Cork  E+
129.  SEAN O’SIOTHCHAIN (singing), Regal Zon IZ 1095: Follow Me Up to Carlow/Step Together  E
130.  DAN QUINN (singing), Regal Zon IZ 295: The Bold Fenian Men/The Foggy Dew  E+
131.  WILLIAM QUINN (accordion, as Dublin Irish Orch), Top Hat 1006: Irish Barn Dance/JOHN RYAN: The Mustache Song  V-
132.  RIDGELY’S 69TH REG BAND, HMV IM 387: Soldiers of Erin/O’Donnell Aboo  E+
133.  KATHLEEN RODDY (singing), HMV IM 413: Cois an Chrorthaidh/An Buachallin Ban  E+
134.  LEO ROWSOME (uilleann pipes), HMV IM 330: Top of Cork Road Jigs/Maid Behind the Bar Reels  E+  [top piping, mb $30]
135.  LEO ROWSOME (uilleann pipes), Rex 15012: Drops of Brandy Slip Jigs/Big Pat Reels  E  [mb $20]
136.  MAIRE NI SCOLAIDHE (singing), HMV IM 568: Eibhlin a Ruin/Fath mo Bhuartha  E+
137.  STELLA SEAVER (piano-accordion), Regal Zon IZ 880: Rickets Hornpipes/O’Donnell Abu Marches  E+
138.  DAN SULLIVAN’S SHAMROCK BAND, Co 33105-F: Rickett’s Hornpipe/Londonderry Hornpipe  V
139.  DAN SULLIVAN’S SHAMROCK BAND, De 12017: Boyne Hunt Reels/All the Way to Galway Polkas  V-
140.  DAN SULLIVAN’S SHAMROCK BAND, De 12045: Green Grow the Rushes O/Leg of the Duck Jigs  V-
141.  PATRICK TOUHEY (uilleann pipes), Vi 18727: Steampacket Reels/JOHN KIMMEL (accordion): Haley’s Favorite Jigs  V+
142.  PATRICK TOUHEY (uilleann pipes), Vi 19271: Maid on the Green Jigs/JOHN KIMMEL (accordion): My Partner’s Fancy Reels  V scratch A
143.  LIAM WALSH (uilleann pipes), Rex 15008: Fairy Reel/Walls of Limerick  E+  [top piping mb $30]

Consignment Lot No. 4:
A great run of Leo Rowsome records here...
144.  FELIX DORAN (uilleann pipes), Copley 9-194: Pigeon on the Gate Reels/Doran’s Fancy Jigs  E++ [mb $30]
145.  TOM ENNIS (uilleann pipes, no piano!), Vi 18366: Murphy’s Hornpipe/Maid that Left the County Reels  E
146.  TOM ENNIS & JAMES MORRISON (pipes & fiddle), Co 35-D: Londonderry Hornpipe/Black Rogue Jigs  VV+
147.  PATRICK FITZPATRICK (uilleann pipes), Co A 2309: Three Drops of Brandy/Donnybrook Fair  VV+
148.  PATRICK FITZPATRICK (uilleann pipes), Edison 50615: Irish Jigs/HAROLD VEO (violin): Reilly’s Reel  E scuffs B
149.  TOMMY RECK (uilleann pipes), Copley 9-191: Alexander’s Hornpipes/Scholar Reels  E++  [mb $30]
150.  LEO ROWSOME (uilleann pipes), HMV IM 330: Top of Cork Road Jigs//Maid Behind the Bar Reels  E++  [mb $30]
151.  LEO ROWSOME (uilleann pipes), HMV IM 372: Bonnie Kate Reels/Liverpool Hornpipes  E++  [mb $30]
152.  LEO ROWSOME & HIS IRISH PIPER’S BAND, HMV IM 480: Miss McLeod’s Reel/Jigs  E++  [mb $30]
153.  LEO ROWSOME & HIS IRISH PIPER’S BAND, HMV IM 484: St. Patrick’s Day/The Blackbird  E++  [mb $30]
154.  LEO ROWSOME (uilleann pipes), HMV IM 498: Boys of Wexford Marches/Airs of ’98  E++  [mb $20]
155.  LEO ROWSOME (uilleann pipes), HMV IM 525: Boys of the Lough Reels/Jackson’s Morning Brush Jigs  E++  [mb $30]
156.  LEO ROWSOME (uilleann pipes), HMV IM 528: Primrose Lass Reels/Byrnes & Kilfinane Hornpipes  E++  [mb $30]
157.  LEO ROWSOME (uilleann pipes), HMV IM 1001: Gallowglass Jigs/Broken Pledge Reels  E+  [mb $30]
158.  LEO ROWSOME (uilleann pipes), HMV IM 1002: The Collier’s Reels/The Bantry Hornpipes  E++  [mb $30]
159.  LEO ROWSOME (uilleann pipes), Rex 15012: Drops of Brandy Slip Jigs/Big Pat Reels  E+  [mb $30]
160.  LEO ROWSOME (uilleann pipes), Rex 15026: Jockey at the Fair/Independent Hornpipe  E+  [mb $30]
161.  LEO ROWSOME (uilleann pipes), Rex 15027: Fairy Revels Marches/Cook in the Kitchen Jigs  E+  [mb $30]
162.  LEO ROWSOME (uilleann pipes), Rex 15047: Conroy’s & Glenallen Reels/Irish Emigrant Marches  E+  [mb $30]
163.  PATRICK SCANLON (accordion), Co A 2837: Father O’Flynn Jigs/Keel Row Flings  V
164.  LIAM WALSH (uilleann pipes), Rex 15029: Stack of Barley/New Demesne Reel E+  [mb $30]
165.  LIAM WALSH (uilleann pipes), another copy  E  [mb $20]

Consignment Lot No. 5: LPs
Now for the vinyl spinners, a nice group of LPs, all in excellent condition (E+ or better) unless otherwise noted, some of which have not been re-released on CD. Where needed, conditions are given for both record and sleeve. Some sleeves have some writing on them, sometimes autographs from the musicians:
168.  BARDE: BARDE, Direction DLP 10010
169.  MARY BERGIN (tinwhistle): FEADOGA STAIN, Shanachie 79006
170.  KEVIN BURKE & JACKIE DALY (fiddle, accordion): EAVESDROPPER,  GL SIF 3002
171.  KEVIN BURKE & MICHEAL O’DOMHNAILL (fiddle, guitar, singing): PROMENADE, Mulligan LUN 028
172.  KEVIN BURKE & MICHEAL O’DOMHNAILL (fiddle, guitar, singing): PORTLAND, GL SIF 1041
173.  BOBBY CASEY (fiddle): TAKING FLIGHT, Mulligan LUN 018 [mb $30]
175.  CLANNAD: CRANN ULL, Tara 3007
176.  JOHN, JULIA & BILLY CLIFFORD (piano-accordion, fiddle, flute): THE STAR OF MUNSTER TRIO, Topic 12TS310 [mb $15]
177.  CHARLIE COEN (concertina, flute, whistle): FATHER CHARLIE, GL SIF 1021 Mint sealed
178.  MICHAEL COLEMAN (fiddle):  THE LEGACY OF…, Shanachie 33002
180.  SEAMUS CONNOLLY (fiddle): HERE & THERE, GL SIF 1098
181.  JOE COOLEY (accordion): COOLEY, Gael-Linn CEF 044  E++/E-
182.  PADDY CRONIN (fiddle, flute): KERRY’S OWN, Outlet OAS 3002  E/E-  [mb $20]
183.  JACKIE DALY (accordion, concertina): MUSIC FROM SLIABH LUACHRA VOL. 6, Topic 12TS358
184.  JACKIE DALY & SEAMUS CREAGH (accordion, fiddle), Gael-Linn CEF 057  E+ no sleeve
185.  DE DANANN: DE DANANN, Polydor 2904 005  E+/E-  [first recording, with Dolores Keane singing, autographed, mb $20]
186.  DE DANANN: SELECTED JIGS, REELS & SONGS, Shanachie 79001 [still one of their best, and not available on CD, mb $25]
189.  DE DANANN: SONG FOR IRELAND, Sugar Hill 1130
190.  DE DANANN: ANTHEM, Dara 013  small edge rip on sleeve
191.  SEAMUS ENNIS (uilleann pipes, tinwhistle, singing): IRISH PIPE & TIN WHISTLE SONGS, Olympic 6129  E+/E-
193.  THE GALLOWGLASS CEILI BAND, London TW 91218  E-/E-
194.  FRANKIE GAVIN (fiddle): TRADITIONAL MUSIC OF IRELAND, Shanachie 29008  [autographed, and contains the original insert with transcriptions]
195.  FRANKIE GAVIN & PAUL BROCK 9fiddle, accordion): A TRIBUTE TO JOE COOLEY, Gael-Linn CEF 115
196.  GENERAL HUMBERT: II, Shanachie 79032  [with Mary Black singing, mb $10]
197.  PADDY GLACKIN (fiddle): GLACKIN, Gael-Linn CEF 060
199.  MICK HANLY (singing): AS I WENT OVER BLACKWATER, GL SIF 3007  [with Matt Molloy, Paddy Glackin, Noel Hill, Donal Lunny, etc, mb $15]
200.  NOEL HILL (concertina): THE IRISH CONCERTINA, Claddagh CCF21
201.  NOEL HILL & TONY MacMAHON (concertina, accordion): I gCNOC NA GRAI, Gael-Linn CEF 114
202.  THE IRISH TRADITION: THE TIMES WE’VE HAD, GL SIF 1063  [Billy McComiskey, Brendan Mulvihill, & Andy O’Brien, autographed, mb $15]
203.  ANDY IRVINE & PAUL BRADY (singing, instrumental), Mulligan LUN 008
204.  JAMES KEANE (accordion): ROLL AWAY THE REEL WORLD, GL SIF 1026  sleeve corner cut
205.  THE KEANE FAMILY: MUINTIR CHATHAIN, Gael-Linn CEF 107  sleeve partially unglued but otherwise fine  [Dolores Keane, with aunts Sara and Rita, mb $15]
206.  THE LAICTIN NAOFA CEILI BAND (MILTOWN MALBAY, CO. CLARE), Dublin 1007  record E, not in original sleeve  [one of the rare ca 1960 LPs]
207.  TIM LYONS (singing): EASTER SNOW, GL SIF 1014  E-/E writing on front of sleeve
208.  TONY MacMAHON(accordion), Gael-Linn CEF 033  E+/E-
209.  CATHAL McCONNELL (flute, tinwhistle, singing): ON LOUGH ERNE’S SHORE, Flying Fish 058  [mb $20]
210.  JOE & ANTOINETTE McKENNA (uilleann pipes, singing): TRADITIONAL MUSIC OF IRELAND, Shanachie 29011  [autographed]
211.  JOE & ANTOINETTE McKENNA (uilleann pipes, singing): FAREWELL TO FINE WEATHER, Shanachie 79043
212.  MATT MOLLOY (flute), Mulligan LUN 004
213.  MATT MOLLOY, TOMMY PEOPLES & PAUL BRADY (flute, fiddle, guitar), Mulligan LUN 017
215.  MICK MOLONEY (banjo, mandolin): STRINGS ATTACHED, GL SIF 1027
216.  PADDY NOONAN (piano-accordion): SHAMROCK & HEATHER – IRISH & SCOTTISH DANCE MUSIC, Mallow HLP 502  V+/V sleeve lower seam separating, apparent water damage
217.  PADDY O’BRIEN (accordion): STRANGER AT THE GATE, GL SIF 1091
218.  MARY O’HARA (singing, harp): SONGS OF IRELAND, Tradition 1024
219.  MARY O’HARA (singing, harp): MARY O’HARA’S IRELAND, Tradition 2115
220.  OISIN: OISIN,  ID Records 2006  [mb$15]
222.  MICHEAL O’SUILLEABHAIN: CRY OF THE MOUNTAIN, Gael-Linn CEF 079  E+/E-  [with Paddy Keenan, Matt Molloy, Paddy Glackin, Mary Bergin, more, mb $15]
223.  TOMMY PEOPLES (fiddle): THE HIGH PART OF THE ROAD, Shanachie 29003  [with original insert and transcriptions]
224.  PLANXTY: PLANXTY, Polydor 2383 186  E+/E-
226.  TOMMY POTTS (fiddle): THE LIFFEY BANKS, Claddagh CC13
228.  JACKIE ROCHE & HIS IRISH DANCE BAND: AN IRISH DANCE PARTY, Avoca 33-AV-101  E-/V+ upper sleeve seam partially taped
229.  JOE RYAN & EDDIE CLARKE (fiddle, harmonica): CROSSROADS, GL SIF 1030  [mb $10]
230.  TOMMY SANDS (singing): SINGING OF THE TIMES, GL SIF 3044  sleeve corner cut
231.  SKARA BRAE: SKARA BRAE, Gael-Linn CEF 031
232.  SKYLARK: ALL OF IT, Claddagh CC49  [mb $10]
234.  THE TARA & GARRAI EOIN II CEILI BANDS: IRISH MUSIC – THE LIVING TRADITION VOL. 2, GL SIF 1022  [with original insert, mb $10]
235.  VARIOUS: FATHERS & DAUGHTERS FROM CHERISH THE LADIES, Shanachie 79054  [with original insert and transcriptions, mb $15]
236.  VARIOUS: AN FHIDIL VOL. 2, Gael-Linn CEF 068  [with Martin Hayes, Maurice Lennon, Seamus Glackin, etc, mb $30]
239.  VARIOUS: THE LARK IN THE MORNING, Tradition 1004  V+/V taped sleeve  [with Padraig O’Keeffe, Denis Murphy, Paddy Tunney, Sarah Makem, etc]


Minimum bid: $4.00 except where noted otherwise

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To bid on an item, simply write the Item No. followed by your bid amount. The highest bid sent wins the item. E-mail your bids to me at Please write your name and postal address in the body of your e-mail. There is a minimum bid of $4.00 per item, except where indicated otherwise [mb], but expect bids on most items to be higher than the posted minimum. I reserve the right to reject bids which do not reflect the value of an item. You are expected to pay for the items you bid on and won, so please do not bid amounts you cannot afford.
Within a week of the auction closing, I will inform you of your wins by e-mail. Added to your total bids will be a shipping charge and an optional insurance charge. I will not be responsible for lost or damaged packages if they are not insured.
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Domestic orders will be shipped via USPS media mail, or Priority Mail upon request. Foreign orders can be sent Air Mail or Surface Mail without insurance, or Parcel Post with insurance.
Grading is standard, from M (mint) to P (poor). Most record conditions range from E (excellent, little or no audible wear) to V ("very good," in fact not so good, with a fair amount of noise), grades being adjusted with "+" and "-". Separate grades may be given for each side of the record where appropriate. Additional information may follow the main grade, sometimes using the following abbreviations:

ck  crack
dam              damage
hc         hair crack
lamlamination crack (one side)
lbl                 label
napnot affecting play
sol sticker on label